Quran Trace presents the world’s leading authenticated tracing Quran designed to deepen your relationship with God’s divine words.

Our mission is to help you develop a consistent, contemplative connection to the Allah through traceable Quranic resources that will accelerate your Arabic language journey, consolidate your memorisation and cultivate positive, Quran-centred lifestyle habits.

The journey from pen to paper

One rainy English morning at El Badr Quran Institute, our specialised online learning platform offering courses in tajweed, khatmah, hifz and maqamat, a group of enthusiastic students and teachers were discussing how to improve and refresh their memorisation techniques. Inspired by one of our senior advisors Qari Dr Ahmed Nuaina and his strong advocation of writing as method of memorisation, the students were keen try something new.

“The Qur’ān was revealed on a preserved tablet, so it is only truly preserved through the tablet (e.g., board)” – Qari Dr Ahmed Nuaina

Given everyone’s curiosity, we decided to test this out, asking our students to submit written verses produced while memorising. After seeing great success and noticing other powerful mental, spiritual, and educational benefits, we knew the wider Muslim community needed to get in on this. From then on, we dedicated ourselves to developing widely accessible, premium quality Quranic resources that incorporate the technique of writing in their use.

After much brainstorming and market research, Quran Trace was born! Along the way, we’ve continually sought counsel from experts in the field to ensure the utmost accuracy, including scholars and professors from our own El Badr Quran Institute and Al Azhar University (Cairo, Egypt).

Meet our Project Lead

Assalamu alaikum!

I’m Ilyaas Badr, Ijazah Certified Qari, Quran Teacher and Director of the El Badr Quran Institute.

A renewed connection to Allah’s divine words is hugely needed in our day and age, and I’m honoured to head up Quran Trace in this pursuit. We’re a small team of dedicated Quran enthusiasts who want nothing more than to promote a Quran-centred, spiritually elevated lifestyle for the Muslim community.

What started out as a casual idea has turned into something much larger, and I can assure you that Quran Trace has much more to come!

Qari Ilyaas was born in Birmingham, where he started memorising the Quran with Shaykh Maqbool. He eventually completed his memorisation in Masjid Al Haram (Makkah, Saudi Arabia) at the age of 11. 

Following this, he travelled to Egypt to further pursue the art of Quran recitation, eventually receiving ijazah certification in a variety of qira'at recitation modes. Linking him to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, his sanad transmission is regarded as one of the shortest chains in the world.

He was one of the winners of the Bahrain Royal International Quran Competition a few years ago and is also the distinctive voice of the well-known ‘My Salah Mat’ device!